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National Association of Independent College and University State Executives (NAICUSE)

Sports Betting

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Subject: Re: Sports Betting

Jen—see highlighted section for how NY handles college sports betting.  You can’t bet on a ny college team or any college sporting event that takes place in NYS.  Bills have been introduced to change this to allow betting an all college sports events.  At least one of our major Division 1 schools (we don’t have many of them) is concerned but our outreach to membership on the issue hasn’t otherwise elicited much reaction.


  • 1367. Sports wagering. 1. As used in this section:

(a)  “Casino”  means  a  licensed gaming facility at which gambling is

conducted pursuant to the provisions of this article;

(b) “Commission” means the commission established pursuant to  section

one hundred two of this chapter;

(c)  “Collegiate  sport  or  athletic event” means a sport or athletic

event offered or sponsored by or played in connection with a  public  or

private   institution   that  offers  educational  services  beyond  the

secondary level;

(d) “Operator” means a casino which has elected to  operate  a  sports


(e) “Professional sport or athletic event” means an event at which two

or  more  persons  participate  in sports or athletic events and receive

compensation in excess of actual expenses  for  their  participation  in

such event;

(f)  “Prohibited  sports event” means any collegiate sport or athletic

event that takes place in New York or a sport or athletic event in which

any New York college team participates regardless  of  where  the  event

takes place;

(g)  “Sports event” means any professional sport or athletic event and

any collegiate sport or  athletic  event,  except  a  prohibited  sports


(h) “Sports pool” means the business of accepting wagers on any sports

event by any system or method of wagering; and

(i)  “Sports  wagering  lounge” means an area wherein a sports pool is


  1. No gaming facility may conduct sports wagering until such  time  as

there has been a change in federal law authorizing such or upon a ruling

of a court of competent jurisdiction that such activity is lawful.

  1. (a) In addition to authorized gaming activities, a licensed gaming

facility may when authorized by subdivision two of this section  operate

a sports pool upon the approval of the commission and in accordance with

the  provisions  of  this section and applicable regulations promulgated

pursuant to this article. The commission shall hear and decide  promptly

and  in  reasonable  order  all  applications for a license to operate a

sports  pool,  shall   have   the   general   responsibility   for   the

implementation of this section and shall have all other duties specified

in  this  section  with  regard  to  the operation of a sports pool. The

license to operate a sports pool shall  be  in  addition  to  any  other

license  required  to be issued to operate a gaming facility. No license

to operate a sports pool shall be issued by the commission to any entity

unless  it  has  established  its  financial  stability,  integrity  and

responsibility and its good character, honesty and integrity.

No  later  than five years after the date of the issuance of a license

and every five years thereafter or within such  lesser  periods  as  the

commission  may  direct,  a licensee shall submit to the commission such

documentation  or  information  as  the  commission  may  by  regulation

require, to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the executive director of

the  commission  that the licensee continues to meet the requirements of

the law and regulations.

(b) A sports pool shall  be  operated  in  a  sports  wagering  lounge

located  at  a  casino.  The  lounge  shall  conform to all requirements

concerning square footage,  design,  equipment,  security  measures  and

related matters which the commission shall by regulation prescribe.

(c)  The operator of a sports pool shall establish or display the odds

at which wagers may be placed on sports events.

(d) An operator shall accept wagers on sports events only from persons

physically present in the sports wagering lounge.  A  person  placing  a

wager shall be at least twenty-one years of age.

(e)  An  operator  shall not admit into the sports wagering lounge, or

accept wagers from, any person whose name appears on the exclusion list.

(f) The holder of a license to operate a sports pool may contract with

an entity to conduct that operation, in accordance with the  regulations

of the commission. That entity shall obtain a license as a casino vendor

enterprise prior to the execution of any such contract, and such license

shall be issued pursuant to the provisions of section one thousand three

hundred  twenty-seven  of  this  article  and  in  accordance  with  the

regulations promulgated by the commission.

(g) If any provision of this article or its application to any  person

or  circumstance  is held invalid, the invalidity shall not affect other

provisions or applications of this article which  can  be  given  effect

without  the  invalid  provision  or  application,  and  to this end the

provisions of this article are severable.

  1. (a) All persons employed directly  in  wagering-related  activities

conducted  within a sports wagering lounge shall be licensed as a casino

key employee or registered as a gaming employee, as  determined  by  the

commission.  All  other employees who are working in the sports wagering

lounge may be required to be registered, if appropriate,  in  accordance

with regulations of the commission.

(b)  Each operator of a sports pool shall designate one or more casino

key employees who shall be responsible for the operation of  the  sports

pool.  At  least  one  such casino key employee shall be on the premises

whenever sports wagering is conducted.

  1. Except as otherwise provided by this article, the commission  shall

have  the  authority  to regulate sports pools and the conduct of sports

wagering under this article to  the  same  extent  that  the  commission

regulates  other  gaming.  No  casino  shall  be authorized to operate a

sports pool unless  it  has  produced  information,  documentation,  and

assurances  concerning its financial background and resources, including

cash reserves, that are  sufficient  to  demonstrate  that  it  has  the

financial  stability,  integrity, and responsibility to operate a sports

pool. In developing rules and regulations applicable to sports wagering,

the commission shall examine the regulations implemented in other states

where sports wagering is conducted and shall,  as  far  as  practicable,

adopt  a  similar  regulatory framework. The commission shall promulgate

regulations necessary to carry  out  the  provisions  of  this  section,

including, but not limited to, regulations governing the:

(a)  amount  of  cash  reserves to be maintained by operators to cover

winning wagers;

(b) acceptance of wagers on a series of sports events;

(c) maximum wagers which may be accepted by an operator from  any  one

patron on any one sports event;

(d) type of wagering tickets which may be used;

(e) method of issuing tickets;

(f) method of accounting to be used by operators;

(g) types of records which shall be kept;

(h) use of credit and checks by patrons;

(i) type of system for wagering; and

(j) protections for a person placing a wager.

  1. Each  operator  shall  adopt  comprehensive  house rules governing

sports wagering transactions with its patrons. The rules  shall  specify

the  amounts  to  be  paid  on winning wagers and the effect of schedule

changes.   The house rules, together  with  any  other  information  the

commission  deems  appropriate,  shall be conspicuously displayed in the

sports wagering lounge and included in the terms and conditions  of  the

account  wagering  system, and copies shall be made readily available to


* NB Effective upon (see 174/2013 § 52 sb (c))

Mary Beth Labate


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Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities 

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Subject: Re: Sports Betting

We expect a sports betting bill to move early this spring. The public’s and our two D I schools are pushing to bar betting on Ohio teams.


  1. Todd

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 From: Gary Steinke []
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Subject: Re: Sports Betting

Iowa believes that sports betting policies have nothing to do with the Iowa Tuition Grant program which provides $50 million each year to financially needy students who choose to attend one of our private colleges.


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Subject: RE: Sports Betting

And for those of you interested in useless higher education trivia, he and Bill Bradley are also the pair that brought us all the graduation reporting requirements under HEA around 1990.

They began as grad rates for college athletes which is why they were six-year, first time fulltime.


From: Sally Kram []
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2019 2:49 PM
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Subject: RE: Sports Betting

The District of Columbia’s Mayor yesterday signed a legalized sports betting law.  It only applies to professional sports.  Anyone 18 or older can participate in legalized sports betting once the measure becomes law.  Under our protocols, the bill must now go to the Congress which will have 60 days to review it.  Generally, Congress has not interfered with DC Council passed laws, with some notable exceptions.  For example, the Congress has prohibited the District of Columbia from establishing a marijuana sales system even though the District decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana several years ago.  (Medical Marijuana has been legal for some time.)

The Consortium of Universities did not take a position on this bill.

Sally Kram, Esq.

Director of Public and Governmental Affairs

Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area

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From: Richard Doherty []
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Subject: RE: Sports Betting

FYI,  McMillen’s sister is Editor of the Chronicle of HE

I do not know the answer


From: David Rousseau []
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2019 1:35 PM
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Subject: RE: Sports Betting


We did not take any position on sports betting and just let the NCAA and the pro-leagues make their case for “a piece of the action” and whatever other issues they had raised

As you noted NJ does not allow betting on any NJ college regardless of where the game takes place and there are other restrictions on the college events in NJ that do not include NJ colleges

Our law has an age restriction of 21 so that clearly limits student athlete and other students from somehow betting – one platform was recently fined for allowing underage participants

I am assuming the NCAA mush be providing some info and resources to colleges in state’s that have authorized sports gambling – I am going to try and ask Princeton

Hope this is helpful



David Rousseau

Vice President

Assoc of Independent Colleges & Universities in NJ

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Dear all,

I’m just wondering what position anyone is taking (if any) on the position of legalizing sports betting in your state and whether you have any draft language you could share that would either 1) preclude sports betting on college sports and/or 2) protect/provide training resources for higher education institutions to limit scandal.   Our state is just beginning to talk about this.  I’m assuming our public flagship institution will take the lead on it but just wanted to check to see what is transpiring in other states.

I understand New Jersey has precluded betting on college athletics taking place in-state.  Anyone else?

Apologies if this question has been asked and answered.  Have a great weekend!




Former Terps star McMillen predicts ‘major gambling scandal’ tied to college sports betting in future


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